minutes agoAltoona, PA+145 milesItems Wanted
Looking for t-shirts of any color or adult size for craft project. Thanks for looking!
i'm in search of the plastic trim that bolts to the c piller that the charger uses. it and the spoiler/ground effects are the only body mods thatare added to the omni to make the charger thanks in advance. Johnny chafin. hatfield, KY 41514 (606) 353-4561
1983 dodge charger plastic trim that bolts to the c piller.this trim piece and the g round effects/spoilers bolted to an omnI O24 are the only body mods used to make the 1983 charger. hatfield, KY 41514 (606) 353-4561
yesterdayOklahoma, PA+210 milesItems Wanted
Hi there I am new to the forum and just wanted to say hi and I own an Erie 77 tall boy made in Tulsa OK as far as I know... But would be interested in a 2nd one if available!
A non-profit est. 2007, it reuses disability equipment which is distributed free of charge to needy DC RESIDENTS Information and referral services are provided to those with medical insurance and/or Medicare/Medicaid Reusable disability equipment types are wheelchairs, walkers, aluminum crutches, canes, bedside commodes, shower chairs, and other Assistive-Technology devices Powered-motorized eq...
yesterdayBlacksburg, VA+260 milesItems Wanted
If you have extra vegetables, would be happy to get some. Thank you.
yesterdayGalloway, WV+214 milesItems Wanted
Looking for a white lab coat/scrub jacket in good clean condition
yesterdayWinston-Salem, NC+293 milesItems Wanted
Looking for tomatoes,cukes or green or yellow squash if you have an overflow to be rid of. Thanks
yesterdayWhite Plains, NY+269 milesItems Wanted
HI all!! I am in need of some clothing for my boys.. If you have any you plan on donating.. Anything is appreciated.. Please let me know.. It will go to some good use... TIA
yesterdayWhite Plains, NY+269 milesItems Wanted
Wanted: modular mate lids oval shape size #1 for 2 cups I need 3, but will take whatever. I don't care what color it is. In addition, I need a 3 round lids. The kind you "burp". I don't see the item on the Tupperware website, but I am hoping. the cereal bowl size. thank you.
yesterdayWhite Plains, NY+269 milesItems Wanted
Hi, Looking for three or four gently used informal chairs that would work for a breakfast table. Thanks for the help!
yesterdayWhite Plains, NY+269 milesItems Wanted
Hi! Our canister vacuum cleaner spectacularly dropped dead in a shower of sparks, so I was wondering if by a miracle anyone has an available canister vacuum cleaner that that they are not using? Thanks so much in advance!
yesterdayWhite Plains, NY+269 milesItems Wanted
Looking for an air conditioner for a kids room will be greatly appreciated
yesterdayWhite Plains, NY+269 milesItems Wanted
Young couple who both were laid off, got an wonderful unexpected surprise They are not prepared for a new baby and are very thankful for any help they might get
yesterdayButler, PA+239 milesItems Wanted
Looking for pretty much any household items that anyone might have and no longer need.. gonna be moving in to an apartment and will need pretty much everything aside from clothes and some odds and ends belongings i do have