I'm a practicing orthodontic assistant and I love it! I work long hours so I'm only home late evenings. Pros: I do my dishes right away. Cons: I like to take long showers.
Searching for a room to rent in Washington DC while on my summer internship (June 16th - August 15th 2019). Ideally somewhere near to New York Avenue (walking distance or short metro ride to work). I keep my environment clean and organized, I don't smoke or do drugs. I am fun and friendly but at times keep to myself especially if busy with work and school.
Hi! I m a mother of two but my sons stays with his dad I just had a new baby she is 3 months old. Me and my husband are looking for somewhere to stay until we move to Miami we are fun quiet people and we stay to ourselves.
Hi my name is Liv and I just accepted a summer internship in DC and then will be attending George Washington in the fall. I am graduating from John Carroll University in Cleveland on May 19, so I can move in after that.
I'm a laid back and fairly neat roommate with two sweet cats. I keep it pretty low key in the evenings but on the weekends I'm always looking for something fun to do in the area. Ideally I would like to find a roommate for a place in Alexandria but I'm open to other areas in Northern VA.
I will be pursing my master degree in D.C. as a scholar student. I respect people around me and their privacy and I expect the same from them. I consider myself a hygienic and considerate person.
I am quiet and I like peace and quiet. I am always working. I am very clean. I am getting a divorce.
I'm graduating from Colby College in May and moving to D.C. (or around the area) in June. I will be working at the University of Maryland doing research focused on babies and how they learn math. I'm an easy-going person looking for a similar-minded person to live with starting June-ish! I love watching movies, eating, and having a good time. I'm always neat in shared spaces, and while I don't ...
I drive a tow truck in DC and owed a company for 15 years before just recently seeing it. I'm looking for a room closer to where I work.
I'm a laid back person who enjoys running, exploring the local area, and occasionally going out. I'm currently looking for a roommate or apartment to move into in the Arlington and Rosslyn, VA area. Prefer to meet with any potential matches before moving in together.
I am not dating. I do have a boyfriend who is from out of town. He may visit from time to but he is respectful as am I of others space. I am looking for someone who I can get along with. I m open to a friendship but not opposed to just being roommates. I am very relaxed and chill and keep my circle very small. My ideal roommate would do the same as I do not want just anyone in my space Somewhat...